Frequently Asked Questions


Will AIRSTIK lose suction?

Unlike a sticker that accumulates dirt, the AIRSTIK back can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth (water only) I have had some wallets for years now and they still suction like new! 



How to clean AIRSTIK

if AIRSTIK becomes soiled you can easily clean with a damp rag or paper towel. Just get slightly wet and wipe off. Note: may need a few mins to air dry. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS OR SOLVENTS TO CLEAN- ONLY WATER. See video below.

How well does it stick? Does it fall off?

It will NOT COME OFF from a simple fall or drop (assuming the back is clean and attached properly) and I have removed several times before I cleaned. The back is not pressure sensitive, can re bond repeatedly, and leaves no residue on the target surface.


How long does the AIRSTIK backing last?

The AIRSTIK backing will last forever. The bonding time depends how much dust and dirt it accumulates when not attached to something. I have removed several times before I had to clean. But if I was to place it (unattached) in my pocket, I would have to clean from all the lint.

Will AIRSTIK stick to my case?
If your case is smooth (no ridges) and non-porous YES! Basically if you can stick a suction cup to it and there is an area about the size of a Credit Card then yes it will stick to your case. If Rub-atone/Sateen I have added a vinyl sticker to place on the case where you want to mount the wallet.
How many cards will wallet hold?
It comes shipped to hold 1-2 cards, but can be easily stretched to accommodate up to 4 cards. This will take a few days, but I find if you stick +1 about half way inside overnight it will speed up the process of stretching it out. You can also fit 1-2 inside the cash sleeve, but they are harder to remove. Please note, once stretched the leather can't shrink back to original size.
*Pro-Tip(s)* Minimize the thickness of your Credit cards- face and stagger the raised numbers on the cards. I call this the "Tetris Card trick"
KeyRing is my favorite app to remove any frequent buyer/loyalty cards from your life.
What is the included vinyl sticker used for?

Included with most wallets is a vinyl sticker you can apply to any sateen or "rubatone" surface. Just apply to the area you want your wallet to stick and the AIRSTIK will be able to suction to the non sticky/slick side of the vinyl sticker. Please contact me with any questions.
*Pro-Tip* You can achieve the same effect with packaging tape.


For the REAL technical people / testing results

Absorption Force on Stainless Steel at 24 hrs usage 6.08N / 50mm
Absorption Force on Glass at 24 hrs usage 6.37N / 50mm
Repetitive Adsorption Force on Stainless Steel after 240 uses 2.74N / 50mm
Repetitive Adsorption Force on Glass after 240 uses 3.04N / 50mm


Thank you for your support,
Joshua & November