Are there still honest people in America’s cities?

Are there still honest people in America’s cities?

Engineer and inventor Mark Rober recently lost his wallet, and he never got it back. But was that an isolated incident, or are there still honest people in America’s cities?

Mark decided to find out by dropping 200 wallets in 20 cities to see to gather some data on human behavior.


I think this experiment is a good lesson, leave your phone number in your wallet! If not how will they get a hold of you?

Also a second pro-tip: do a wallet dump and photo everything you have inside. Front AND back. This will give you an inventory of all the items you are carrying around with you. The back is mainly because all the good info and contact if lost numbers are usually listed, and last you can audit and see if anything you don't need to carry around anymore (expired coupons etc) to lighten the load. I'M willing to bet your back will thank-you if you are one that carries around a George Costanza wallet.

How did your city rank?

If you lost your wallet would whomever found it be able to get it back to you?

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